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Farewell Mary

When I was in third grade my school had a talent show, and I opted to perform my favorite song, Puff The Magic Dragon. I practiced and practiced, and when the time to perform came I got up on stage, the music teacher started playing the piano, and after the first verse I completely forgot the words and stood silent as the audience twittered and laughed. The piano played on, and I finished with the refrain, which I did remember.

Years later in the early 80's (I think) I attended a Peter, Paul and Mary concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. I was in the third row, and at one of the song breaks, Noel and Peter bantered on about getting older and losing their hair. Peter caught my eye, pointed to me and my bald head, and said, "This guy knows what we're talking about!" I was absolutely thrilled.

I have always loved, and will always love, PP&M. Mary's voice had a quality that just couldn't be duplicated (though Mama Cass came close). Rest in peace, Mary Travers.
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