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Weekend Update

Relaxing weekend. Went to a pool party yesterday and knew almost everyone there. Sort of a last summer fling, though it rained and thunderstormed (very rare for SF) but we were south in Santa Clara where it was sunny and warm. Driving home, seeing the fog bank ahead over SF was kind of like entering Mordor.

Spent the day ripping and editing video for my iPod/iPhone, and handling a few work on-call issues. Steve (rootbeer1) made dinner--Chicken Piccata as fine as I've ever had in a restaurant, and roasted haricots verts. A nice sauvignon blanc too. I'm very full and happy.

Steve's brother David and his wife Andrea are arriving tomorrow for a week's stay. It's always nice to see our family, and we'll be hanging out, playing canasta and catching up. We haven't seen them for a year, since our wedding. Our anniversary is the 17th. Fifteen years together and one year legally married. We have so many blessings, including all our wonderful family and friends, for whom we are so grateful.
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