Jack (qbear) wrote,

Gay Genes

Ganked from fuzzygruf, who invented it, I think. It's fabulous!

Neat freak (no)
Gym bunny (no)
Computer geek (yes)
Sci-fi geek (yes)
Comic book geek (yes)
Fabulous cook (yes)
Showtunes (yes)
Opera (yes)
Midler (yes)
Streisand (yes)
Cher (yes)
Madonna (no)
Pull off drag in public (no)
Pull off pants in public (no)
Able to quote fabulous movies (yes)
Witty repartee (yes)
Fashion-forward (no)
Well-groomed (no)
Perfect hair (no)
Good dancer (yes)
Disco bunny (yes)
Bathhouse buddy (no)
Wine connoisseur (no)
Fine dining connoisseur (yes)
Green thumb (no)
Judgmental queen (no)
Buy Perfect gift for perfect occasion (yes)
Interior decorating (yes)
Protest queen (yes)
Sew/knit (crochet)
Dated Leigh Chapman (no)
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