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Long weekend

The weekend sort of began Thursday evening. We went over to Cal (shprdbear) and Dave's for a delicious dinner, and hung out with them and Julio, whos' staying with them while working in the City. Steve (rootbeer1) had just picked up our friends Rich and Pat fron San Diego at the airport and dropped them off at their hotel.

Friday I telecommuted, and we had lunch at home with Mauricio, an online friend who was on his way to a job fair. After work we met up with Rich and Pat in the Castro and had dinner at Blue, sitting next to Scott (sftekbear) and Brian and seeing a number of other people we knew, as always happens in the Castro.

Saturday we picked up R&P and went to the Saturday farmer's market at the Ferry Building. It's gotten bigger than ever, and we walked around sampling all kinds of yummy organic produce. We had lunch at The Slanted Door, arguably the best Vietnamese restaurant in the country (Bill & Hillary eat here all the time when they're in SF) and it didn't disappoint. Then back home to rest a bit before heading out to the Metreon to pick up tickets and wait in line three hours to see Star Trek. Dave (daved010) and Andy joined us in line and we hung out and chatted and ate popcorn and movie hot dogs. We also saw basically the entire SF bear community arrive like the Academy Awards red carpet--too many to mention, but pretty much everybody.

The theater was packed, of course, and the film was spectacular. As a long time ST fanboy (I was in junior high when the original series aired, and saw every one, and even circulated a petition to keep in on the air which we sent to NBC) I think it was perfectly cast, and just totally entertaining. And it was in IMAX, so it was BIG.

Today (Sunday), we rest. It's The Amazing Race finale tonight, and I might even finish off the afghan I've been crocheting for the last 7 years.
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