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So Steve (rootbeer1) and I have been on a mini-vacation since Wednesday in the LA/Long Beach area, First, we drove down to Glendale to spend some time with Ray (profkampf) and see a few other friends. We met up with Alan for a bit, then went over to Ray's and out to dinner, then back to Ray's and played The Price is Right and Boomblox on the Wii. Thursday we drove to Westminster to hang out with Len and Brian, and Friday had lunch with Thom, then visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology (which actually has nothing to do with the Jurassic Period). Vewy interesting. That evening we met up with Dave (e_ticket), Jason (fidgetcub), Brad (reddish68), Alan, and Ray and went to The Stand, a hot dog restaurant. Then back to Dave & Jason's to watch Josie and the Pussycats, which is actually really fun.

Saturday we tearfully left Ray after breakfast and drove to Long Beach to attend our friends
Sam and Wade's wedding. The hotel was quite full of teenage girls in town for a cheerleader
convertion, which made for some screaming in the hallways at times, but it wasn't too bad.
We spent the afternoon resting and wandering around the Long Beach convention center area,
then over to Sam and Wade's place for a pre-wedding party. Met some very nice people and
remet some we knew. Steve played Wii with some of the kids there. At one point I glanced
into the video room and saw Steve was bowling and behind by 20 points or so, Then I saw his
opponent was a 5-year-old girl. After the game, I taunted him with "Hah! you lost to a
little 5-year-old girl!!" He replied, "I didn't lose, I won by one point. And she isn't 5
--she's 7."

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Bill and Tom, then back to get dressed for the wedding.
On the way to the car we passed one of the cheeleader contestants in uniform, heavy make-up
and wearing a jersey with "Idaho" on it. We tried not to snicker at the juvenile
translation we thought of.

The wedding was at the synagogue where Sam is the cantor, and the service and following
reception at the synagogue were extremely moving. Virtually the entire membership of over
600 was there in force to support their cantor and his beloved at the first same-sex wedding
ever in that congregation, and their spontaneous applause as Sam and Wade processed down the
aisle toward the officiants under the huppah was a first, we were later told.

Afterward we attended a smaller wedding dinner (at the same place we had had brunch earlier)
and had a wonderful time, sharing a table with Dave (pseudocub), Dave, Richard,
and Jonathan.

Arriving back at the hotel, the elevator door opened and three young cheeleaders were in the
car. We stepped in, and as the door closed one of them cheerily said, "Hi, how are you?" I
replied, "Great, how are you? Are you here for the competition?" "Yeah, we lost," said
another of the girls, coincidentally the same girl we had seen earlier in the parking
garage. "But at least it got us off the potato farm." Kids are so witty these days...

Tomorrow we're off to Agoura Hills to see John and Frank (sunbeam_bears), who we
have sorely missed and who are making a fabulous New England Fried Seafood Platter for
dinner, something seldom seen in California and also sorely missed. It will be great to see
them, and then we're back home on Tuesday,

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