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Gregg picked us up after work to go to dinner in the Castro at The Anchor, our favorite oyster bar/seafood restaurant. I had the clam chowder (the best) and the pan-seared scallops with saffron butter sauce. Delicious--we've never had a bad meal there. Steve had the same; Gregg had the chowder and the crabcakes, and graciously picked up the tab. It was part of our belated joint birthday celebration (Gregg's was 5 days before mine).

After dinner we walked over to Tower Video. They were having a big sale, with 25% off all science-fiction and fantasy titles. I took the opportunity to finally get the Fireball XL5 boxed set. Gregg went nuts with a full page list of DVDs he wanted to get. While he shopped, he chatted on his cell phone with his new boyfriend Steve in Orlando, describing all his finds. My Steve and I both said hello on the phone.

When I was ready to check out, the cashier rung me up, but the total included the full price for the Fireball set.

Me: "I thought the sale was 25 percent off all science fiction titles."

Cashier: "Let me check on that...(asking other Tower thrall)...Is this included in the sale?"

Other thrall: "No, that's classified as television, so it's not included"

Me: (pointing to banner on sale flyer) "But is says all science fiction and fantasy titles. Doesn't specify films vs. TV."

Cashier: "Hmmm..not sure that's science fiction"

Me: (pointing to label on boxed set that says 'Gerry Andersons's Rarely-Seen Sci-Fi Classic') But...but...it says it's sci-fi right on the box!!"

Cashier: "Oh....OK...." (re-rings me up)

Other thrall: " Well, OK, but I'll probably lose my job...If I'm not here tomorrow you'll know why."

Me: (to myself): "Too damn bad!! Truth in advertising!! I'd sue your pants off if you didn't give me the discount! You wouldn't want to work for a company that fired you for making your customers happy anyway!!!"

It's not like we don't spend a couple thousand dollars at Tower each year...sheesh!!
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