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Mousketeers Roll Call

Well, we got back yesterday from our mini-vacation/honeymoon in Southern California. We left around noon on Thursday and drove south to Glendale to stay overnight with Ray (profkampf). He took us to a great Mongolian barbecue restaurant, then back to hang out. On Friday we went out to breakfast and drove around a bit. Forest Hill Cemetery overlooking the Glendale/Pasadena/Burbank valley, interestingly, has a museum, and there was a tiki exhibit, so up we went. Great views and exhibits.

Then we headed southward again to Anaheim and Disneyland for two days of Gay Day fun and frolic. There were so many of our friends there, Live Journal and those others (whom we love just as much, honest!). Our friend Peter (peterinoakland) shared our room at the Howard Johnson's, and did both parks with us. He had never been to California Adventure, so it was a lot of fun showing him the sights.

Here we are wearing the custom tshirts Steve designed for us:

On the front it says "Bearly Married." We got a lot of positive comments, mostly from married straight women.

Steve and Peter

On the Carousel


So many red shirts...

Steve (rootbeer1) posted a few more here, and we'll post even more from the weekend on our website bearcooks.com.
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