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Well, if you don't know already, Steve (rootbeer1) came home early--last Tuesday, in fact, after he and Ray (profkampf) decided to truncate their cross-country drive after visiting Yellowstone and the Badlands. They made record time on Tuesday, leaving Portland at 11:00 and arriving at the house just after 20:00. I had the hot dogs ready as requested, and Steve uploaded millions of photos while Ray ate and prepared for the last leg. Yes--he decided to continue on to LA the same night. Ray likes driving at night (unlike me) and just really wanted to be home in his own bed after 40+ days on the road. I don't blame him a bit.

Glad to have my bear home. We had a perfectly wonderful afternoon last Saturday up at John (squalidbear) and Chuck (sgtchuck) 's lovely dacha in the Russian River. Too many peeps to mention, but a recurring theme is that we all don't see very much of each other anymore. We'll have to remedy that--get out more, have more parties, whatever it takes. We have so many great friends--we miss seeing them.

Went today to get a marriage license, only to learn that you need to make an appointment. I think we knew that, but sort of forgot. So came back home and went online. There's a one-month wait!! But that's OK, cause the wedding isn't until mid-September, at City Hall, just like the last time. It will be extremely small and simple, with lunch at Chevy's afterward (as is traditional for us). We're even using the same rings (which we've had for years and are kind of attached to).

When we were married on February 13, 2004, we took it very seriously, although we did it mainly as a way of supporting the cause. We didn't know if it would really be legal, or for how long, but when we were up there on the steps in the Rotunda of City Hall and saying the vows, we meant every word. I consider us married from that date, no matter what the legal status, and we're just tying up loose ends with this upcoming ceremony. We still have the original marriage certificate framed on the wall, and will put the new one up there next to it. We love collections!

If anybody has the crazy notion to send us a gift, note that our house is full to the rafters with junk, so if you simply can't refrain, please make a small donation to the No on 8 campaign. Or a large one if you're rich.
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