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Afternoon snack

So I'm sitting here in my study perusing the Internet, while Steve sits rocking in my mother's oak rocker in the corner, studying for his UNIX sysadmin course. While both of us are absorbed in our activities, Steve smacks his lips and mutters...."Mmmm, that big ol' butt was really good..."

I spin around in my swivel chair and say incredulously, "What? What big old butt?"

He replies, "I said that bagel with butter was really good," referring to the half bagel we had shared about half an hour before.

I need to clean my ears out.

Today we putzed around all morning, then drove to CostCo in South City (localese for South San Francisco, the suburb where we do most of our suburban mall-hopping) and bought a folding ladder contraption, the aforementioned bagels, one of the two Lemony Snicket books missing from our collection (#7 and #9), vegetables, canned goods and various other delights. Alas, no DVDs this time. On the way home we stopped at the Colma Barnes and Noble for the other book (and of course a few others), then home for naps.

In other news, I took the enneagram test:

free enneagram test

FWIW, I'm a Myers-Briggs ENFP too.

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