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Upend Weekdate

Friday - our friend Dave called and wanted to know if we wanted to watch the next Battlestar Galactica episode that evening, and maybe do dinner first. It was such a beautiful day that we suggested a barbecue. So I threw some chicken breasts in a marinade of Greek yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, cayenne, and olive oil. Then I prepared my Protein Salad (recipe in our cookbook on our Bearcooks site), which is a kind of tabouleh with chickpeas and tofu. Dave and Cal came over, as well as Victor and Mel, and I grilled the chicken and some eggplant on the Weber while Steve (rootbeer1) steamed sugar snap peas and sliced some olive bread and made a huge pitcher of low-carb Mai-Tais. We dined on the deck, then had coffee and dessert, a sugar-free chocolate cream pie that D&C brought. Cal is diabetic, thus the low-carb-and-sugar nature of the meal, but in general it was pretty healthy and full of fiber. Battlestar was exciting as usual, as was Mel dropping a glass bottle of soda on the tile entryway floor and the resulting explosion. Victor and he mopped and swept and were worried about glass shards, but we assured them that Uniblab, our Roomba, would catch any stray pieces.

Saturday - planned to go to the beach but ended up sunning on the deck, napping, and eating leftovers. I think I might have been coming down with something--I was wiped out all day.

Sunday - Off to breakfast at Gunters, then Lowe's for some new plants for the yard, Trader Joe's for black beans and stuff, Rainbow Grocery for bulghur and quinoa and stuff, then home. Driving home through the Castro, we passed Dave and Cal in their Miata going the other way on 18th, but they didn't see us and we didn't toot the horn in time. Steve's sunning in the yard and I will be out there soon. Another gorgeous summery San Francisco spring day.
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