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Proud to be a Merkin

Congrats to John (squalidbear) on his US citizenship! Now he can help us vote the bastards out!

We attended a lovely surprise party to celebrate this event, and the White Trash theme was of course a natural for us. We just came as we were. When Chuck (sgtchuck) started up the plastic champagne fountain, I exclaimed, "It's just like one of my family weddings!" Except at the last one we had two fountains--one of whiskey sours and one of screwdrivers. There was dancing on the tabletops.

Steve (rootbeer1) had made a lovely tater-tot casserole to bring along, but I had tee martoonies, so by the time I bellied up to the buffet the casserole was all gone. I did eat my fill of lovely mac and cheese catered by Blue, though. It was great seeing so many of our friends in one place for a change, and especially nice seeing Donovan (bigreddee) and Gary (fuzzygruf) out and about with their crutches and all. And the view from the apartment on high of the City in the rosy sunset, while sipping cocktails and chatting--one of those magical San Francisco moments. We so love living here.

I really can't drink martinis like I used to anymore--I was pretty well snockered by the time we left. And Mommy was a little hung this morning. I'm telecommuting today, so at least I didn't have to face the commute. I've already got my batch HTTP/XML interface working---I'm not exactly a Perl expert, but it's like riding a bike--you never forget how. Woohoo! And Steve's making tater-tot casserole for lunch just for me!!!! Life is good.
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