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Checking in

Yes, I'm still here--though why I haven't posted in a while I just don't know. I do read LJ every single day, though, so I'm keeping up will y'all.

Life rolls on relatively uneventfully. We've traveled a bit and had a few houseguests, which Steve (rootbeer1) writes about on his journal. Went to a few parties. Mostly stayed home and was domestic--cooking, cleaning, replacing the dishwasher. Work is good. Friends are good. Steve's mom is coming to visit in December--lots of canasta in our future. Had lunch with Gary (fuzzygruf) yesterday--wish he was back at work with me. Maybe I can sneak him in.

Haven't been doing much hobby-wise except my nightly acrostic, which is actually a sleep aid. My crocheting is languishing.

Looking forward to going to Apple Town or Apple Hill or Apple Land or whatever it's called for a dose of back-East-style autumn. Cider doughnuts and pie---mmmm. I miss being next door to Vermont sometimes.

Oh, and you may now refer to me as Woofburger Supreme. See here for why.

Ciao for niao.
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