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Birthday details

I was awakened yesterday morning by Steve (rootbeer1) bearing a breakfast tray. Breakfast in bed--what a way to start my 52nd birthday! Steve had made Chicken and Waffles--well, homemade waffles, surrounding a baked Costco chicken patty. With real maple syrup. Very yummy, and very filling. I was a little concerned about getting crumbs and syrup in the bed, so we actually brought the tray down to the kitchen and had breakfast there.

Then Steve drove me into work. I spent the day reinstalling some system software, one of the system administration tasks I've been increasingly taking responsibility for. It meant working in the server room at the console, swapping and remounting CDs and running configuration scripts. Had a salad for lunch, then left early and took the J train to Noe Valley and Ye Itty Bitty Tea Shoppe (aka Lovejoy's Tea Room and Antiques). Steve was waiting for me there and we ordered the Queen's Tea. I have been wanting to go there for high tea for ages, and it was as dainty and twee as I imagined. Little sandwiches, scones, freshly toasted crumpets with lemon curd, clotted cream, berries, chocolate truffles---so very, very ladylike.

Then home, where I experienced a massive sugar crash and napped for an hour or so. Then we were off to the Opheum Theatre to see Avenue Q. I had ordered tickets as soon as I saw the ads on BART. As it turned out, I had gotten VIP tickets, very good seats (row H!) and also free cocktails in the VIP lounge.

The show is amazing--incredible. There was a totally spontaneous standing ovation with lots of hooting and hollering at the end. We even teared up a few times--it's really very moving, and so well done. Gotta see it again.

So all in all, a wonderful birthday. And so many greetings online from all my friends. Thanks, everyone!!!

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