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What's up?

Steve (rootbeer1) has been away back East/South visiting his parents and friends in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. He's been gone since April 22 (over two weeks!), the longest we've been separated since we moved to San Francisco and he went back East for a month to pack and supervise the movers. He's been having a great time, and I've been keeping the home fires burning. But man, are we ever ready to see each other again. And he's coming home tomorrow!!!!!!!

In the meantime, in between eating bonbons and watching my stories, I've been filling my time with work, overseeing our handyman, who's redoing our back yard and repairing some wood in preparation for housepainters in July, and spending some time with local friends. Also fighting a little stomach bug, but that's all over now, I think.

NutriSystem continues to work, though a bit slower, as I knew it would after the first few weeks. Got my second shipment, which I modified to eliminate all the yucky stuff. Exercising a bit more, too.

My office moved to a new building over the weekend. Today was my first day in the new place. It's actually better than I thought it would be--I'm on the edge of a mezzanine with kind of a view out the window, and only two cube neighbors. They gave us breakfast and lunch as we unpacked, which was nice even though I had to stick to my NS food (well, I did cheat a tiny bit--free food, ya know--programmers can't resist). I'm two blocks from the BART station now, so I'll get even more exercise.

Was swept off to Santa Cruz yesterday by John (keanubear) and Greg. The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, watched the surfers and sea lions, and had dinner in the very funky downtown, which I had never visited. Reminds me a lot of Burlington, VT and for a Sunday evening there were loads of people of all kinds and ages on the streets. Very laid back and relaxing.

That is all. Oh, and Steve is coming home tomorrow. Damn I'm missing him.
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