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Progress Report

Sunday Steve (rootbeer1) and I made plans to drive up to Port Costa, a few miles east of Crockett (under the Carquinez Bridge) for dinner at The Warehouse, a quirky bar/restaurant/junk store we had visited a few times. We were going with Dave and Calvin (shprdbear), so we drove over to Dave's loft to meet up. After a brief pit stop, we headed down to the garage to Dave's car, since he graciously offered to drive, and as we crossed the garage I tripped on a curb and fell full flat on my face. I stayed still for a minute to make sure nothing was damaged, while Steve, Calvin and Dave ran over and checked me out. Now Dave is a doctor, so he went into MD mode and asked all the right questions, and we determined that I was OK--just a little scrape on the knee and a little sore. Nonetheless, Dave hustled us back upstairs so he could wash the very minor wound and get me a Diet Coke to settle my shaken constitution (he's just so sweet that way), then were were off to the Warehouse. Alas, they only serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, so we had a cocktail, then crossed the railroad tracks to watch the families on the riverbank fishing. We drove back to Crockett and had dinner at The Dead Fish, which despite its name offered a lovely menu. I had a very diet-friendly cod in a light tomato sauce, with olives and tiny fingerling potatoes. We dined on the sheltered patio right on the river as the sun sank low toward the distant fogbank over the ocean. My knee was a little sore but I could walk just fine.

When Steve and I got home, my knee was a bit swollen, so I took some ibuprofin and iced it with a gel pack. This morning when I got up, I could barely walk or even bend it. With the help of one of the many canes we have around the house left over from various mishaps, I hobbled into my study to start work (I was telecommuting). Steve brought me breakfast on a tray, along with a fresh gel pack and more ibuprofen. By the afternoon, the swelling was gone and the knee, while still a bit tender, could basically take almost my full weight. So I think it's OK but I may telecommute again tomorrow just to let it rest a bit more.

Five days on NutriSystem. Most of the food is OK---a few things I really like and a few that are disgusting, most of it so-so. I'm keeping a log so I know what not to order next month. And I've lost 5 pounds already!
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