Jack (qbear) wrote,

What's Happening

Watching COPS on the bed while chatting on the internets. Downstairs kinda stinks---there's a dead mouse somewhere in the wet bar walls, and until it dessicates in a week or so, my highly sensitive sense of smell drives me up here most of the time. COPS just did a crystal meth bust in Palm Springs, our future retirement home. Lovely.

Earlier, had leftover picadillo (itself made from leftovers) from lunch, plus some jambalaya soup purchased this afternoon. Whilst cruising the aisles at the Diamond Heights Safeway, we spotted Mythbusters' Jamie Hyneman, looking scruffy and trying to be unobtrusive. His stache needs a little trim.

Earlier, Steve (rootbeer1) went to the gym while I slept in, then did some computer work. Kind of a rainy yet sunny day.

Yesterday, went to dinner at Barney's Burgers in Noe Valley with John (keanubear), Greg, Neil, and Daniel, who is visiting from Toronto. Then went to see Reno 911! Miami. We're fans of the series, so we thought it was funny.

Thursday, the hot tub guy called unexpectedly and came over with the ordered part and fixed the tub. I was home sick, so it was fortuitous, and there was a break in the rain.

I can't remember back before Thursday.
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