Jack (qbear) wrote,

Another week, another street fair

On Friday we met online friends Rich and Chris for drinks at the Redwood Room, which is the cocktail lounge at the Clift Hotel, were they were staying. Gregg joined us, and we had lovely cocktails (I had a lavender martini) while chatting and watching the locals hit on each other. Rich and Chris had prior dinner plans, so Gregg came back to our house with us, where we ordered in Chinese and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous. Starts out slow, gets better. Saturday we were supposed to go to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy with Tony and John, but Steve thought it would be better to give his foot a rest, so we went to CostCo and Safeway instead, then relaxed. I made no-carb ice cream out of heavy cream, egg yolks, vanilla extract, and Splenda. It's not bad!

Sunday we had brunch at Little Orphan Andy's with Sam and Wade, our friends from Long Beach. We then went down to the Dore Alley Street Fair. Our matching Hello Kitty weightlifter tank tops got a lot of positive comments:

We met up with Rich and Chris and walked up and down the alley, taking in the...er...sights. We only stayed out a couple of hours--it was very crowded. Steve's foot began to hurt, and we fortunately ran into Dave Ault, who offered to drive Steve and I back up the hill. Dave went on to the gym while we prepped dinner. R&C and Gregg came over and I grilled some nice CostCo steaks. We served them with baked potatoes (none for me), a big salad, devilled eggs and the aforementioned ice cream with fresh blueberries. A simple summer supper. Gregg left after dinner, and a little later on we gave Rich and Chris a lift back to their hotel. They were so sweet--they brought us some wine and a nice Calphalon apron and some Sharpie pens--Chris works for Calphalon, and was in town for a work conference. I love the stuff, and the majority of our cookware is classic Calphalon. Chris told us he could get us any piece we wanted and couldn't find. Woohoo!!!
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