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For many people I know, 2006 wasn't such a great year. I'm hoping 2007 will be so much better, and for some reason I do feel optimistic.

For me, the past year was generally good. Steve's (rootbeer1) broken leg healed up, and although he still has a little pain and discomfort at times, he's getting around just fine. My blood pressure swung to the high side once again, a combination of genes and being too fat, so I'm back on the meds, and planning to seriously diet this year. No really. I mean it this time! And get to the gym much more regularly. Although my bloods are all really good, the extra weight isn't helping my arthritis much, and I'll just feel better not lugging an extra person around on my back.

We traveled quite a bit, to Tucson, Palm Springs, back East (Boston, Provincetown, Albany, Connecticut, Maryland), LA, Disneyland--and I used up pretty much all my vacation time. Saving up now for our first cruise, to Alaska in June.

Did a little work on the house, spent time with friends, worked at our jobs, lived our lives. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing terrible.

Celebrated the New Year by spending time with friends--dinner Saturday with Gregg and Jim (greggjim), afternoon open house at Victor and Mel's, rung in the New Year at John (keanubear) and Greg's party. Today, being very domestic, starting with replacing our deceased Linksys router with the Netgear one I bought at Costco months ago and has been sitting in my study. Then cleaning, yardwork, paying bills, cooking, and awaiting John, Greg and Tim (twnchicago) for the traditional Hoppin' John to ensure good fortune for the coming year. And back to work tomorrow.

Here's to a better year for all of us!!!!
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