Jack (qbear) wrote,

Weekend Update

Let's see now--Friday morning Steve (rootbeer1) and I had a little fight before we left for work. Steve had gotten all the Xmas boxes down from the garage loft in order to fetch the Xmas cards, and the boxes of decorations had been sitting in the living room for the past 4 days. Now, I'm kind of like a cat when it comes to environment--I don't like change, especially if it's from order to chaos. So I said some nasty hurtful things about the boxes, and we cried all the way into work on BART, but by the time we got downtown we had pretty much made up and affirmed our love for each other.

So first thing Saturday morning (well, around 10:00 for me-I slept in) I stumble downstairs and Steve has the tree all set up with the lights on, and the decorations all ready to go on the tree. Several hours later, the tree and house is completely decorated, the boxes are all put away, and we're happily driving to Gunther's in SSF for brunch. We both get the Hash Combo, which is probably my favorite thing on the menu. Two English muffins, topped with corned beef hash, then two poached eggs, then hollandaise. Served with potatoes (hash browns OR home fries) and a battered and deep-fried banana. Yum-O! Then off to CostCo and Safeway.

In the evening we were picked up by John (keanubear) and Greg and driven to Oakland, where we picked up Urso (urso) and Tom (tmaher), then continued on to Tim's (twnchicago) place in Concord for a lovely holiday party. Tim made delicious food, and we ate and drank and watched the fireplace log burn merrily on the TV.

Today, after sleeping in, we were again picked up--this time by Gregg and Jim (greggjim), who whisked us downtown. We had lunch at Mel's (Max's Opera Diner was too full) before seeing For Your Consideration. A pleasant film, though not as satisfying as Christopher Guest's other films.

Home now awaiting my special Beanie-Wienie for supper and the season finale of The Amazing Race. I'm rooting for Alabama, myself.
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