Jack (qbear) wrote,


We had a lovely Thanksgiving at home this year, with nine for dinner (nicely chronicled with pics by Steve (rootbeer1) here). Last year it was just Steve and I, as he was still recovering from his leg surgery, and I wasn't up to making a huge meal. This year I'm also fighting off a cold or something, plus dealing with pain from falling on my ass last week and landing on my tailbone. But all the guests brought food, so I only had to do the turkey, gravy, and stuffing. Steve did the scalloped oysters, scalloped corn, and the tourtiere, which he baked in a springform pan this time. It turned out so well we're going to do it that way from now on (plus it's bigger).

Today I'm relaxing in a drugged-out fog while Steve is off at the gym with Ray (profkampf). This eveing some friends are coming over to eat jambalaya and watch our bootleg copy of Song of the South. Zippedy-doo-dah!
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