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Vacation, part deux

So, picking up where I left off, the 3 R's (animbear, redbeardedblond, and bigsabu) swept into Palm Springs Wednesday afternoon. Steve (rootbeer1) took them out on a quickie tour while I took a quickie nap. Then, after a restorative soak in the hot tub, we went to the Red Tomato for dinner, a PS tradition. Great food, and then back to sit by the pool and chat for a bit before bed. The boys had driven 12 hours, and we had a big day or hanging out planned, so off to sleep.

Thursday we went to Manhattan in the Desert for brunch. We actually ordered dessert, which is generally impossible, given the size of the sandwiches there, but since we got omelets, we had room. Steve sez to me, "Let's split a cream puff." They did look a little big, so I guess we could share. Well, the friggin' thing was bigger than my head. Think I'm kidding? Look here... We each had two slices and there was still half left!

We visited some Mid-Century Modern furniture stores, then back to the house to lounge in the pool and catch up some more. We hadn't seen each other in over a year, and it was so great to just be together. I hope you all realize how much we love these guys. After pool time, we were off to Bear Coffee at Koffi, then the Thursday night street fair, which is a strange mix of vendors--dried fruits, scented candles, Native American music, and a few evangelists handing out tracts. We met up with Paulie (redbackfur) and his hosts Ron and Norm and went to our favorite Mexican place, El Mirasol. Then home, hot tub, and restful sleep.

Friday dawned rather overcast, but as we were leaving the desert, we didn't care. We caravaned with Reid, Richard and Robert in their hippie van to West Hollywood, to congregate at Irv's Burgers with drmrswhite, morrocomole, e_ticket, mattycub, poohbearjim, profkampf, and non-LJer Kirk. Lovely lunch served by the delightful Sonia, who writes your name and draws your picture on your plate. She is an absolute nexus of positive energy. Then, down to the 5 (as they call Interstate 5 in LA) and Disneyland!

To be continued.....

P.S. -- I'm not posting pictures of all this because rootbeer1 will when he posts his version of our saga. Check his journal in the near future---
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