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Good news, bad news

The good news is that Steve is home!! After ten days in the sweltering Texas heat, he's glad to be back in cool, fog-shrouded Diamond Heights. The bad news is that he twisted his ankle on his last evening in Houston. It's looking better, but he's still got a limp and is using a cane.

Today in a meeting my boss was talking about file security and how the more they try to lock datasets down, the more ways people find to get around the security. I said to the whole group, "The more you tighten your grasp, the more star systems will slip through your fingahs" just like Princess Leia. The programmers/geeks in the room all got the reference. I had to explain to the rest.

Down 12 pounds or so on Atkins. Not too bad for 2 weeks, but I do crave fruit. I'm going to do one more week of induction, then start to introduce some berries and more vegetables. And more cheese---I love cheese. Tonight I think I'll make cheeseburgers without buns on a lovely bed of romaine. I got a bunch of sugar-free Jello too, but keep forgetting to make it. With Splenda-sweetened whipped cream on top, it's just like dessert, and helps with the fruit cravings.

Also got some fried pork rinds. Not a big fan, but they do make a good breading for chicken when crushed, with a vague bacony taste.
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