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Home Alone

Steve left for Texas last Friday morning, and I've been home alone since. Well, not home all the time, and not alone all the time either, thanks to our great friends. Steve went to his big family reunion in Nacogdoches, and also to visit a few online buddies before. I opted to stay home for a number of reasons:

1) I only have 7 vacation days saved up--the trip would have wiped me out.

2) I'm not too crazy about flying these days--my anxiety disorder is acting up a bit

3) 100 degree temps and close to 100% humidity? Darlin' I love you, but give me San Francisco summer anytime (except when we go to Palm Springs, but it's a dry heat).

Friday evening was quiet. Saturday I did some chores. Dave stopped by on his bike for a drink and a chat. Later he called and I went out with him, Vic, Mel and Victor to the Connecticut Yankee, where I got a nice Caesar salad and a blue-cheese and bacon burger--very Atkins-friendly. Sunday our friend John came over for dinner; I planned to cook, but at the last minute we decided to go to Tower Burger, and I got a chicken Cobb salad that was also respectably carb-free.

I had trouble sleeping that night due to the many iced teas I had for dinner, so I dragged on Monday. Was quite productive, though. Tuesday (yesterday) was very productive, basically finishing all the work I had planned for the rest of the week in less than a day. Must be pent-up energy from not having Steve to work on. I was supposed to meet Jay, our friend and contractor who's going to replace our front door, but he postponed till Thursday. Dave called, and I went with him and the usual crowd (Vic, Mel, Victor, and Sammie, visiting D&V from Fresno) to the Metreon for dinner and to see Terminator 3. Dinner: OK. Movie:so-so; lots of action, not so much plot.

Steve called a little while ago from the road, driving back to Houston from Dallas. Tomorrow he's off to the reunion. Hope the bugs don't bite!!
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