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Busy weekend so far

We went to Gunter's, of course, for breakfast. Then off to Lowe's for a fake rock waterfall and some rocks for the back yard water feature (formerly known as the Koi Pond, then Stagnant Pool/Mosquito Hatchery). Then the big rock store on El Camino for more rocks, then Costco for various sundries. We came home, put the groceries away, and rested before going out to the yard to tackle the landscaping.

We retrieved the old submersible pumps from the wooden storage box so we could empty the pool. We counted six black widow spiders (eek!) in the box, which Steve (rootbeer1) quickly dispatched before they could kill me. We pumped almost all the brackish green water from the black plastic pool, then arranged the waterfall and the large rocks around the edge. Steve dropped a big rock on his finger and it's a lovely plum color now. He has it on ice. I told him we should have paid someone to do this! Anyhoo, it looks almost natural--needs a few more stones, I think. Being the engineer, I hooked up the new recirculatng pump, filled the pool with the garden hose and voila! A lovely filthy green waterfall! When we pick up more rocks we'll get a filter to clean it up, and our yard will become a tropical paradise.

Jim (poohbearjim) and Ray (profkampf), whom we're always glad to see, came over this evening bearing brownies. We caught up, then played the original Game of Life (which I won) and two games of Fluxx (which I won both of). Go me! But now I'm all sugared out on brownies and ice cream, so off to bed.

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