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Still here...

...just haven't posted in a while--don't know why. Our vacation to the southwest (well, Arizona and southern CA) was a nice escape from the incessant rains in San Francisco (which seem to have stopped for a while). The good news is that the roof repair we had done last summer has performed admirably--not a single drop inside, after some of the strongest winds, rain and hail I've seen since we moved here.

Tucson was lovely, especially seeing Steve's (rootbeer1) brother David and his wife Andrea. With the exception of our first evening in town, when we met up with some of the local Tucsonian bears (see Steve's journal for the short list), we spent the entire four days with them. We dined out, shopped a bit, toured the city, took a tram ride up Sabino Canyon (so many cacti!) and of course played canasta. We really miss them, and we'll be back as soon as we can.

Then up to Lake Havasu City for a day, to see London Bridge out in the middle of the desert and have dinner with a friend from online. Back to Palm Springs for the rest of the week, staying at our dear friend Dave's vacation house, where he joined us on Saturday. We left Saturday afternoon so we could spend he evening with John and Frank in Agoura. Frank prepared a lovely dinner, using all the best china and silver, and we caught up, watched some video clips, then played mah jongg. Drove home the next day, stopping at the Madonna Inn for lunch and to buy a few more of their special wineglasses.

Back to work, and the gym, where I did 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight. I usually swim laps, but am going to try and mix it up a little. Maybe even do weights again. I used to be a muscle bear, you know.

Please keep Jim (poohbearjim) and Ray (profkampf) in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.
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