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What's up?

  • Finally over The Cold That Wouldn't Die. Still kind of depressed over the yucky weather lately, the war, the Anglican coup d'etat, and having finished watching Firefly with Steve (rootbeer1) and Dave. The movie Serenity was good, but also kind of depressing. We're starting on Battlestar Galactica, but I fell asleep in the middle of the pilot, so we'll have to start again.

  • Trying to stick to the DASH diet to help my slightly elevated BP. Hopefully the upcoming vacation in Tuscon/Palm Springs will help me relax. Doc appointment the day after we get back.

  • Good times last weekend with Jim (poohbearjim) and Ray (profkampf) on Saturday, Gregg (alpenhorn) and Jim (sflonestar) Saturday evening, and Dave on Sunday.

  • Found a treasure trove of acrostic books at Stacey's to feed my lastest obsession.

  • Gearing up for a massive hardware/OS conversion at work. It'll be fun, actually, to see how well my architecture succeeds in the port. The proof-of-concept worked flawlessly, so I have high hopes. I'm such a tool good engineer.

  • That's it!

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