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What's up?

Not much. Been fighting off a cold the last week--lots of Airborne, Advil, and water. Last weekend was very productive--defrosted the little fridge in the wet bar (first time since we've lived here), and used my engineering skills to switch the door so it opens the other way, the correct way.

Started going to the gym again. Had a checkup on Monday, and my BP was a little high. It's been several years since I went off meds for it, so I have to monitor my pressure at home and fax the results to my doc, avoid salt and Sudafed and lose weight/exercise. I can do it!

On call this weekend. I'm monitoring the new slot-oriented batch scheduler I wrote, which is running in production the first time this weekend. Hopefully it will gain us enough time in our weekend schedule that I'll be richly rewarded.

Took a break at noon to go to the airport and pick up George and Ben, in town for the week. They graciously bought us lunch at Gunters. Meeting them for dinner tonight, if my sore throat doesn't keep me from it. I don't want to infect others--

Watching Firefly episodes whenever Dave is in town. It would be cheating on him if we watched them without him. Crocheting. Hooked on acrostics--do one every night before bed. Aforementioned Dave made us watch the I Like Mike video, so I had to order it.

That's all.
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