Jack (qbear) wrote,

Weekend Update

Friday was a long day--we drove in to work, as we've been doing the last two weeks. Thursday we took public transport so Steve (rootbeer1) could get his Muni/BART legs back, but it's nice to drive in, park across from Steve's office with the handicapped placard, and be at work in 20 minutes. And it's certainly less tiring for Steve, who's working full days at the office, if he doesn't have to deal with walking to the bus stop, then to the BART station, then to the office, and back. And on Friday, as we were tooling down Dolores, Steve said, "I am so ready to start driving," so I pulled over and we switched seats, and he drove the rest of the way quite nicely. Woohoo!

We got home and made dinner, then got a call from Jim (poohbearjim) and Ray (profkampf) inviting us to the movies that evening. We gladly accepted, and saw Mrs. Henderson Presents, which was charming and very engaging (as well as incorporating a full-frontal shot of the handsome Bob Hoskins). Always great being with Jim and Ray--need to do it more.

Saturday we met Aldo for brunch in the Castro. Steve has been chatting with Aldo, who lives in Palermo in Sicily, for some time online, and this is Aldo's first trip to San Francisco, so we volunteered to show him around. After a nice meal at Orphan Andy's, we drove around the rainy City, to Fort Point and the GG bridge, through the Wharf, and up to Coit Tower, then up Market Street to Twin Peaks. We were a bit tired after all that, especially Aldo, who was still a bit on Eurotime, so we stopped at our house for a while to rest and have tea and chat (I took about an hour nap even). Then out to dinner at Eric's in Noe Valley, where we once again ran into Ray and Jim having dinner. We gave them a lift back to the Castro, then brought Aldo back to his hotel. He's a very sweet guy, and we look forward to seeing him on his next visit. And he loves to cook!! Well, most Italian men do, I think...

Today we puttered around the house, then went to the new Tanforan Mall to check it out. We had an early dinner in the food court at the Hawaiian place, which is probably the best food value we've seen in a while. We both brought home half of what we ordered (but we ate all the Spam sushi we got as an appetizer). I purchased Son of a Witch at Barnes & Noble, and Steve got a few books and some on-sale Xmas cards for next year. Now we're home watching Ebert & Roeper's Worst Films of the Year. Steve is driving himself into the office tomorrow--I have the day off. I plan to sleep and read a lot.
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