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Happy New Year

...one week late. We had a great week with Joe and Bill, which Steve (rootbeer1) nicely chronicles here.

Back into the swing of things at work. Monday Steve goes to the orthopod again, at which time we expect he can throw away his brace. Steve is walking with just a cane now, and at physical therapy walking without assistance, balancing on a wobbly-disc thing, holding his ground as the therapists vainly try to knock him over, and doing backflips on the parallel bars. Tomorrow, I take him out to a parking lot to practice driving.

Enjoying a nice relaxing weekend. Xmas decorations all put away, trip to Costco (breakfast at Gunters with poohbearjim first), Trader Joe's and Smart and Final accomplished, house clean and neat, and leftover pizza in the fridge. No worries!
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