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Merry Christmas!!

....and Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa, Joyous Solstice, and Happy Holidays!!

Friday when I got home from work, I had that feeling I used to get as a kid, with Christmas vacation before me, as pure and full of potential as a freshly-fallen blanket of snow. I whipped up a shepherd's pie from last night's pot roast, and we just hung out and relaxed. Saturday we drove to the Castro, so Steve (rootbeer1) could get his hair cut while I hung out at Starbucks and caffeinated myself. Then over to Chuck (chukspace) and David's house for their traditional Country Breakfast, featuring Smithfield ham cooked in Dr. Pepper. Well, Chuck is from the South.

Fortified with pork, we stopped at Safeway to get a few supplies. Steve waited in the car while I braved the aisles looking for fresh Brussels sprouts, which they usually have. When I asked one of the barely post-pubescent kids working there if there were any spouts, his face went blank, as if I had requested him to explain string theory. He said in a small voice, "Maybe you should check the deli..." Searching for canned mushrooms, a tradition stocking-stuffer for Steve (don't ask), a different aisle jockey, after scanning the shelves in the canned veg section that I had just stared at for ten minutes, gave the same helpful tip: "I think they're in the deli." This must be the default answer given them in Grocery Clerk School. I don't blame the kids---they were very nice, albeit dense, and tried to be helpful. I blame the parents.

Then home for naps and dinner, followed by a trip up the hill to John (keanubear) and Greg's place to watch Xmas specials and gorge on snacks and soda. We watched the last 41 minutes of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (Laa!! Laa!! La-la-la-la-laaaaa!!!), the classic Rankin-Bass Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer (I want to be.....a dentissssst!) and two excruciating hours of A Very Brady Christmas. Not only did Mike and Carol turn the wood-paneled family room into a home gym, but they completely transformed their groovy late-Mid-Century-Modern split-level into a bland, pastel nightmare. Well, it was the 80's. Lots of LJers there to laugh at the Bradys' holiday antics, and the obvoius setup for the later dramatic series The Bradys (which I pray will be released on DVD someday), where Marcia becomes an alcoholic and Bobby gets paralyzed in a car-racing accident. That'll teach him!

Chrismas morning dawned foggy and quiet. We scampered down to gather our loot open our presents--lots of nice things, lots and lots of media, of course. Phil (foodpoisoningsf) came over for Xmas breakfast (panetone French toast and maple sausages), and was happy to let us be the chefs for the day. Later, our sweet friends Victor and Mel are coming over for the traditional rib roast and pommes Jacqui, and to play the new version of The Game of Life, which does not contain the Poor Farm and Revenge and the other vindictive little features that made the original so much fun, and more like the real thing too. Probably a Xmas movie also--I vote for The Bishop's Wife, though we haven't seen A Christmas Story in a while.

Midweek Bill (bearbeat) and Joe arrive, and we'll have lots more holiday frolicking to report.

Hope everyone's holiday was bright. Please say a prayer for Jeff (dacubsf)--may he be surrounded by light and love.
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