Jack (qbear) wrote,

5 weird habits

As tagged by rootbeer1...

1. I have to make the bed every morning. It's an obsession. It comes from my friend Marilyn, who years ago told me "that way, if I accomplish nothing else all day, at least I've made the bed."

2. I must clip my fingernails on Monday morning. If I don't they haunt me all week, and I have to wait till next Monday to do it. Well, sometimes I cheat, but Monday morning just seems like the right time to clip one's nails.

3. Whenever I take a long drink of something, after swallowing, I have to go "Ahhhh!"

4. I tend to twist the hairs in my beard until they get tangled into little knots, then pull them out. There's a medical term for this (trichotillomania), and I try not to do it, but it's an anxiety and stress-related thing. Luckily I don't have much hair on my head or I'd pull that out too.

5. I call everyone, and everything, "hootchie." Ask rootbeer1 if you don't believe me, hootchie.
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