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My back feels so good...

...I just finished a long soak in the hot tub. My arthritis has been acting up lately, especially my arms, hands and my back when I overexert. This morning we diddled around on the computers and did a couple of loads of laundry. At noon Paulie and Dana came by to go down to the Pride parade/street fair with us. A few minutes later Gregg showed up and we all piled into his car. Gregg works in the Civic Center area and has a dedicated parking spot, and we miraculously encountered no traffic problems getting there. The parade was massive as usual, and the weather was great. We walked a bit, stopped and watched the parade a while. We got there just in time to see the BOSF contingent go by. We yelled at Gary (fuzzygruf) and Steve but they were too far away. Then walked a lot more, visited virtually every vendor booth. Steve got a new leather fanny pack, and I bought a plastic bee for $3.00. (It's a lawn ornament, with wings on springs to flap in the breeze. I love bees.) Around 3:00 PM we came home and my back was starting to cramp up. We ate some leftover tuna casserole, then Steve napped while I read some of the new Harry Potter book. I'm just about halfway through--it's not bad, but it's been so long since I read the previous four that I'm having a little trouble remembering some things that are alluded to. I'll have to reread the entire series now. After an hour of so of that, my back was really aching, so we went in the hot tub. Mmmm, relief. Now I'm relatively pain-free and watching Ebert and Roeper.
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