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Saw the surgeon on Monday--Steve got his staples out. Everything looks great. Up to 80 degrees on the CPM. David and Andrea came over that evening and we played the TV version of Scene It. Tuesday was the PT visit--she's pleased with Steve's progress, and will be back next week. Yesterday we started a game of Super Scrabble. It takes forever--we still haven't finished it! Made a big lasagna for dinner. And last night we went upstairs for the first time since October 3 and slept in our own bed. And Steve has his first shower since the accident. He feels so much better.

I'm telecommuting part-time this week, and probably next. Then back to the office for part of the day, at least. Steve will probably start telecommuting by then. Things are progressing nicely.

Hugs and healing energy to Jeff, Steve Z., Wade, Michael, Tim, and everyone else with medical issues. Keep looking up!
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