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Home Sweet Home

We brought Steve home Sunday around noon. Esconced on the living rom sofa, he's so much happier. Not that the hospital wasn't nice as hospitals go, but nothing like the comforts of home.

Our dear friend Dave H. stopped by a little while after we returned, with a special surprise guest--Gary (fuzzygruf)! We traded hospital stories--his Steve (double_ohsteven) and Jeff (dacubsf) both had recent surguries too, and are on the road to recovery. Gary and Dave observed as I got Steve's brace off and his leg into the CPM machine all by myself. Nice to have an MD and a medical technician on hand the first time, I always say.

Steve's doing well--using the Vicodin to manage pain, which is probably at its peak now, because of the timing and the CPM 4 hours a day. I'm tired, but happy that we're home and that we have so many wonderful friends supporting us.

As soon as possible I'm getting a 75' ethernet cable to plug Steve's laptop directly into the network--the wireless doesn't work too well in the area of the sofa. Later, I'll upgrade the router to a newer and more powerful version. Then I'm sure he'll be chatting away with y'all as usual.
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