Jack (qbear) wrote,

Home again, home again

Last weekend (well, starting Thursday afternoon) we took off for Palm Springs in the Matrix. The previous week had been cold, foggy and misty-damp in San Francisco, and we were craving some sunshine. Which we got in the desert, of course--daytime temps of 112 degrees. We got in late Thursday night after driving all the way--7 hours, with an hour break for dinner at, I kid you not, Tasty Goody Chinese takeout in LaVerne. We unloaded the car, ate a bowl of ice cream and went to bed.

Friday we went to Vonn's for a few groceries, then lazed around the pool. Homer from Burbank dropped in around 2:00 to stay for the weekend. We swam a while, then went to The Red Tomato for dinner. Saturday was a pool party at Chaps Inn. About a hundred guys attended. Lots of sun, but the food was minimal (grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and potato chips). We hooked up with John, a friend we met on out last trip to PS. He's dating Leigh from SF, and the four of us, plus Joe, a friend of John's, all went to dinner at Blame It On Midnight. We had delicious mai tais and were entertained by a big bluesy woman who sang to the accompaniment of a tape deck and a guy playing a cowbell. It was better than it sounds. The food and atmosphere were great. We'd go back. We then went to the Tool Shed for the 2003 Mr. Palm Springs Bear contest. Got real bored and left after 45 minutes.

Sunday we drove out to Agoura Hills, west of LA, to see Frank and John, two good friends we met online and have visited several times (lots of pics of them on my website). When we arrived, they had a lovely picnic prepared all ready to take to the beach. We drove down a breathtaking canyon to Malibu and lunched at the beach, then walked along the surf. Man, the Pacific is so cold, even in June in southern California. We drove back up through a different breathtaking canyon and hung out, watching video clips (I need the Fireball XL5 boxed set). Frank grilled steaks and we had a great dinner, then played Fluxx and just talked and talked.

Next morning Frank made Eggs Benedict for breakfast. These guys really pamper us when we visit! We reluctantly left about 10:30, and drove up highway 101, making it to the Madonna Inn for lunch. You have to see the men's rooms there--the Travel Channel rates them the 6th best in the world.

Got home about 7:00 and unpacked and relaxed. We both got quite a bit of sun.

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