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Steve (rootbeer1) was still sneezing and sniffling today, so we stayed home from the Foggy City Dancers/Midnight Squares jointly sponsored Harvest Dance. Too bad, 'cause it sounded like it was going to be a blast. To assuage our grief, Steve cooked up a Southern-Style dinner (panko-fried pork chops [OK, southern Japan], field peas and rutabaga, and corn sticks with peach preserves). Then we watched Never A Dull Moment, a so-so Disney comic/thriller starring Dick Van Dyke as an actor mistaken for a mob killer. It played like a campy Batman episode.

Before that, we went to Lowe's in San Bruno to get some new flowers for the back garden. On the way home we came up 101 so we could drive on the new Central Freeway touchdown to Market Street and the new Octavia Boulevard. I started out as a civil engineer, so I had to. The only bummer is that you can't turn left onto Market from the end of the ramp. The signage was better than usual for CA, with a big standard green sign (although at street level, not on a gantry) with both I-80 and US-101 shields at the end of Octavia. Because of course, having driven all the way up Octavia to Hayes Green, we turned around and drove back down it.

Before that, we had lunch on the deck--pastrami quesadillas, and new Jewish-Mexican fusion invention of Steve's. He had been busy cleaning and cooking while I was at my first FCD board meeting. Yes, I'm on the board, and once the meeting actually started (we had to relocate due to venue double-booking) it ran efficiently. I've been on a lot of boards (mostly non-profits), and been a officer (usually secretary) so it's all familiar to me.

Yesterday we watched The Three Lives of Thomasina, a made-for-the-Wonderful-World-of-Disney film about a cat that just wouldn't die, already. I loved it as a child. It still has a quirky appeal. We had a houseful of cats when I was growing up, and I had my own solitary black cat Leila for years. I think eventually we may get a cat or two for the house, though we've both become somewhat allergic to pet dander. Oh well, that's what Benedryl is for.

Thursday Steve's brother David and his wife Andrea came over bearing frozen pizzas and salad, to have dinner and play cards. I had baked a big batch of my favorite cookies (Caramel Cream Sandwich Cookies, featured in our cookbook), so we had them at intermission. We played the usual four hands of Hand and Foot canasta, a game of Skip-Bo, and a game of Fluxx. Andrea and David are moving to Tucson AZ in November, and we'll miss them a lot. We'll have to get Jeff (glovercom) and Philip to come over more to play canasta with us. It's been ages.

I can't remember what happened before that.
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