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Labor Day Weekend

Pretty much a relaxing weekend. Saturday Calvin (shprdbear) came up to spend the day. We picked him up at the Caltrain station, then stopped at Best Buy to get a new TiVo remote (which we actually didn't need, as it turns out, but it works with the receiver in the master bedroom, so no loss). Then off to Japantown for lunch, a bit of shopping (I got a few new origami books), then a few hours at Kabuki Hot Springs. Soaking, steaming, saunaing, and sea salt scrubbing. Very relaxing. We came home after stopping at Safeway for dinner ingredients, and I whipped up a meatloaf, baked potatoes and fresh broccoli. Basic but filling. Our mutual friend Paul came by after dinner to chat and view some of his BFA and MFA presentations from a DVD he brought us. Paul is such an amazing talent, and I was really moved by his work. Paul and Calvin headed out for a drink while Steve and I cleaned up and went to bed.

Sunday, I don't think I left the house. Steve (rootbeer1) made a brief trip out to Community Thrift to drop off some stuff he cleaned out of the garage and I cleaned out of my dresser drawers. I watched some Duchess of Duke Street, then the Rankin/Bass animated Return of the King. The music was trite and maudlin, but I was amazed at how closely they followed the book--well, more than I expected. I also crocheted while I watched, working on my gigantic zigzag afghan. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the decade. Made a spicy hash from the leftovers from Saturday night.

Today we relaxed, caught some sun on the deck, and puttered around. I made a macaroni salad with tunafish, and we brought that and some beer up to John (keanubear) and Greg's place for a little barbeque. Watched some disturbing video, and had a good time with lots of nice people.

That's it!

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