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So here's a passage from the Paul Lynde biography* that I'm slowly reading on the way to work and back:

Paul served as "ABC's answer to trick or treat" when he hosted his own Halloween special in October 1976. Unlike his first comedy hour, this one had a storyline, thanks in part to Paul's old New Faces compatriot Ronny Graham, who contributed material. Paul discovers that his maid, Margaret Hamilton, is actually a witch. The same iconic green makeup and outfit she wore in The Wizard of Oz gives her away. Hamilton's sister turns out to be Billie Hayes as Witchiepoo, the cackling hag from Sid and Marty Krofft's H. R. Pufnstuf. Hayes agreed to reprise the character as a favor to Paul, a friend since their What's New days.

The sisters want Paul to help them promote all that is good about their kind. To secure his star power, they grant him three wishes, which lead to sketches with Tim Conway and Florence Henderson, mother of The Brady Bunch. They also treat him to some "soothing, quiet dinner music" in the form of "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss. The well-behaved (and censored) rock group sang two additional numbers, "Beth" and "King of the Nighttime World," and bantered a little with the host. "Just what I always wanted," Paul told them, "four Kisses on the first date...I can take one look at you four and I can tell you how you got your name and how you got your act. You had a fight and your mothers told you to 'Kiss' and make up."

The evening ends in a haunted dance club, with Henderson performing a disco version of "That Old Black Magic" and Roz "Pinky Tuscadero" Kelly (as both Paul and the announcer repeatedly identify the Happy Days actress) teaching everybody how to do the Hustle.

The question--is this availiable on DVD? I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!

*Wilson, Steve and Florenski, Joe, Center Square : The Paul Lynde Story, Advocate Books, Los Angeles, 2005.

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