Jack (qbear) wrote,

Vale, dies natalis, et salve, Hairrison

Thursday evening, Phil (foodpoisoningsf) dropped off Dave (e_ticket) about 5 pm, and our houseguest posse headed down to the last of the birthday dinners, held at Firewood in the Castro. Too many (over 20, I think) LJers and other dear ones to mention, but I love each and every one. After dinner most of us trucked over to the Hairrison site to pick up our dog tags. We then boarded the Mexican Party Bus and were handed pretty bad mai-tais, treated to overloud south-of-the-border fiesta music, and driven aimlessly around SOMA, only to arrive at the Eagle, which is no more than 2 blocks from where we started. It was fun in a surreal kind of way. We hung out at the bar, eating complimentary sausage sandwiches and waiting for John (keanubear) to take the stage with his band. They sounded fantastic, but as Steve had to work the next day, he and I left around 10:30, before the set was over. The boyz had their own car, so they stuck around.

Friday, Steve went off to work. I had taken the day off to partially recover from the birthday week festivities, and I went to lunch with Reid&Richard&Robert&Dave at the Crepevine on Church. Then the guys went on to hit the shops while I returned home to rest up for the afternoon. When Steve got in from work and the houseguests had returned, we headed right back down to Camp Hairrison for the prison-themed dinner and cellblock party. The lasagna was excellent--kudos to bigredpaul and the other chefs!! We also had grilled vegetables, salad, garlic bread and gigantic bear-sized slabs of carrot cake. Everything was nummy, and the coordination of the serving was, well, well-coordinated. A big red-haired drag queen arrived just as we were finishing dessert and belted out "When You're Good to Mama" from the musical Chicago -- a perfect choice, given the jailhouse theme. We hung around the party, then came home.

Saturday I decided to stay in and conserve my strength. My back was hurting a bit from all the standing and walking the two nights before, so I took it easy while Steve and the gang went to the pool party. Then a monstrous conflageration of bears descended on our house, to carpool off to Todai Seafood Buffet in Daly City for dinner. Our good friends John and Frank from down LA way had arrived, and Steve and I got to sit across from them and catch up on the gossip news. After mountains of sushi, sea cockroach lobster, and little teeny tiny desserts, we pretty much all went back to our house, crowded around the big TV in the living room and watched episodes of Little Britain from the DVD that R3 had brought us.

Sunday was the actual street fair itself. Steve started the day by making a lovely brunchie (as we call it) for the household. Then down to the fair to wander up and down the two blocks, and into the hotel/pool area. Saw many, many, many, many friends. Steve and I actually ended up in the pool in our underwear (we didn't bring suits, of course) with Owen (owenthomas) and Greg (gregorsf), whom we had just met the night before. Very nice guys, and right in town--we plan to do dinner sometime soon. Anyhoo, the pool wasn't too bad until you got out, then brrrrr!! After several hours of milling about and enjoying the sunshine that kept trying to poke through the fog (ah! summer in San Francisco!), Steve and I called the boys, agreed to meet back at the ranch, and hopped a cab home. We were joined by Will (furfairy) and Jeff & Tim (jeffnuma & pilosus) and drove to our local Tower Burger, which is a great alternative to fast food chains. Then back again for some more Little Britain, and Catch Phrase, the Password-like game where you pass around a gizmo that gives you the words to guess, all while beeping increasingly faster to make you nervous. It also keeps score in a cyborg voice.

Steve and I went to work Monday morning, and the three R's brought Dave to the airport, then did their thing ( which I'm pretty sure was shopping). When they came home we had dinner in for a change (Steve made a sandwich bar with all the cold cuts we had gotten for the weekend, and later a sundae bar). We lazed around, watched the first episode of the new season of --guess what?-- Little Britain, then retired to the living room to play more Catch Phrase whilst Richard gave me a lovely manicure. The Best Clue of the Evening Award went to Reid, who yelled out, "Ummm----two gay guys who try to make a bum girl nice." The answer--"My Fair Lady."

So ends the almost two-week long festivus. The boys left this morning, but we'll see them in five weeks, when Steve and I drive east for Jack's Birthday Part 2--Viva Salt Lake City, then Las Vegas, then Palm Springs. The fun just never ends!
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