Jack (qbear) wrote,

Birthday Extravaganza, Part Deux

So on Monday when I get home after work, Steve (rootbeer1) is busy in the kitchen, prepping the jambalaya he started the evening before and getting it in the oven, along with cubed butternut squash seasoned with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. The house starts to smell delicious. The magnificent Jeff (abearius) arrives shortly thereafter and sets up his big-boy-sized massage table and proceeds to rub down my poor, aching back. He's very, very good, and the knots in my muscles just dissolved, accompanied by the soothing sounds of water trickling and frogs chirping (on the stereo, not in the living room).

After my massage, there was time for Steve to have a turn, so while Jeff worked on him I made a salad of romaine, apple, smoked almonds and blanched sugar snap peas. With some nice French artisan bread and chevre with fresh rosemary, dinner was served. We ate, drank wine, and chatted away until Jeff needed to head back to Berkeley. A lovely evening.

Tuesday, August 16, was my actual birthday. After work, my sister Judy called breifly to wish me HB. She mentioned my nephew Rod has been keeping up with my journal---hi Rod!!! Leave a comment!!! After the call, I was whisked off to Chouchou, a French bistro a block from the Forest Hill station (quite near our house), for dinner with Gregg and Jim (sflonestar). We had a wonderful time, consuming culinary delights, much wine, and gossiping chatting nonstop. After dinner we walked the two blocks to the church where our square dance club holds class and caught the tail end, with Steve bringing an Oreos-and-cream cake to share with the class. That's 3 cakes so far!! It was great to get sweaty square dance hugs from everybody.

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday), Reid (animbear), Richard (redbeardedblond), and Robert (bigsabu) arrived, a day early than I thought (yay!), to stay with us for the weekend. We went to Buca di Beppo in SOMA for dinner, and discovered Paulie (redbackfur), Geoff (heypyro), and Steve's brother David and his wife Andrea there waiting for us. Lots of pasta, beer and presents. Another wonderful evening.

And tonight, Dave (e_ticket) swoops into town to join our little boarding house for the weekend. I predict lots of merry highjinks.
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