Jack (qbear) wrote,

C'est la vie

We spent last week with Djamel and Bruno, our friends from Paris, as our house guests. They were very sweet and spent most of the week shopping, as the euro is strong against the dollar, and clothing is much less expensive here. Wednesday we saw Finding Nemo with David and Andrea at a preview showing. The film is great--we all loved it. Thursday after work we took the Frenchies to CostCo with us--they wanted to see what is was like. Steve and I bought several DVDs and a few other sundries, and D&B got some stuff too, then bought us dinner at Chevy's.

Friday was Gary (fuzzygruf) and Steve's birthday party. You can read all about it on Gary's LJ. We had a great time and I sang a few show tunes. D&B wanted to rest, so they stayed home, but we had gotten free tickets to Beach Blanket Babylon for 10:00 PM, so we left the party after a couple of hours and came back, picked them up and went to the show. They liked it. Steve and I had only seen it once a few years ago--it's a San Francisco institution. Check out the website for more info. After the show, we stopped by the Lone Star for a quick drink. It was a good-sized crowd, now that they can let 99 patrons in.

Saturday D&B had plans, so we went to our friend Tim's place out in Tracy for a pool party. The weather was great, and about 9 of us swam, sunned, barbecued, and played Trivial Pursuit. Sunday Steve went to Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy with Paulie, Tony and John. I stayed home and mostly napped.

Monday I telecommuted while Djamel and Bruno packed and left for the airport. We always planned to visit them in Paris, but as they're moving to Australia in the fall, we probably won't. Unless we win the lottery.

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