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.....happened this weekend, but more on that later.

The last few weeks have been busy busy busy. Last Thursday (I mean a week ago Thursday, 5/26/05), Reid, Richard and Robert arrived. Steve chronicles their visit here and here, so I won't reinvent the wheel. Suffice it to say we had a wonderful time with them and all our other friends that gathered for various events during the week.

This last Tuesday Steve and I graduated from our Plus class in our square dancing club, the Foggy City Dancers. We're now looking forward to the annual convention of the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay and Lesbian Square Dance Clubs), held this year in Santa Clara. Our own excessor is very involved in its planning, as he's president of the host club, the El Camino Reelers. Don't you just love these club names? We're all registered and even have a room for the weekend, even though it's within driving distance. We want to dance as much as possible, with maybe a few breaks for sunning by the pool.

Today, poohbearjim joined us for breakfast at Gunters, then Costco. We came home and I hooked up the DVD/VHS recorder we got. It was cheeeep ($249), and will allow us to directly dub VHS tapes to DVD. And it supports progressive scan and component video, which our ancient previous player did not.

After putting the entertainment center back together, we debriefed and caught some sun on the deck. Our back yard is very private, so we can safely work on our all-over tans and use the hot tub without creating a spectacle.

We just got through watching Gattaca with the new player, and the picture was phenomenal on the big screen. Component rules.

Tomorrow we're going over to our neighbors Mike and Regi's place for a little BBQ. We live so close, yet never seem to get together, so this will be great.

That is all.
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