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Weekend Update

1. Went to see Revenge of the Sith on Thursday evening with the MovieBears. Saw many a LJer. We both enjoyed the film, and would see it again in the theater, though I missed a few scenes that were cut (I downloaded the script, so I know they were in there). I guess we'll have to wait for the DVD in November.

2. Friday, keanubear and Greg came over to watch A New Hope with us. Inspired by the previous night's movie, I wanted to see the original three, with the added stuff George Lucas threw in for the DVD release. Looked great, and the 5.1 digital surround was awesome (more on that below).

3. Saturday, jeffnuma and pilosus, in town for the Erasure concert, came by for brunch. Later, Steve, Jeff and Tim went out to Amoeba Records while I stayed home, did a bit of telecommuting (I'm on call this weekend), and sunned on the deck. I'm reading Angels and Demons, the precursor to The DaVinci Code. Same breathless Oh-My-God-I-Can't-Believe-It style, but entertaining.

4. In the evening, we fired up The Empire Strikes Back. Midway through the film, we get a phone call. It's our next-door neighbors, wondering what was going on. It seems our subwoofer is on the wall that corresponds to their dining room, and since our houses are adjoining (well, a 1-inch gap), their china was rattling. I told you the digital sound on these DVDs was good (as is our sound system, apparently). So I switched to 2-channel surround and turned down the volume, but bummer! I guess we'll have to watch Return of the Jedi during the day.

5. Today, we're meeting pagerbear for coffee/brunch, then back home (I have a massage appointment). We're making a big whole-wheat pasta lasagna with ground turkey for dinner, because David and Andrea are coming over to eat and to play canasta. Or, we might watch The Brady Bunch Movie, which they've never seen.

6. In spite of all this TV watching and indoor activity, we are getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. This is what San Francisco should be like all year round--sunshine, high 60's, slight refreshing breeze, low humidity.

7. Next week, all hell breaks loose as animbear, redbeardedblond, and bigsabu swoop into town and our house. We can't wait!!! We always have a blast when they visit, and with the three of them this time, we expect the highjinks and mayhem to increase exponentially. Gotta make sure the tiki bar is stocked!!!
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