Jack (qbear) wrote,

Memorial Day weekend

Long weekends are great. I like to treat them as mini-vacations--even if we don't go away, I like to do things we normally don't seem to find the time for on regular weekends. Saturday morning we went to see Down With Love. Steve especially liked the 60's architecture, clothing and general tone of the movie. I thought it was cute and entertaining, and my estimation of Renee Zeilweiger went up another notch. After the flick we went to Home Depot (got a cover for the new grill, and a chimney charcoal starter), Cost Plus ( I found the elusive Ginger Altoids!) and CostCo, where we got stuff for the cookout.
When we got home I made cole slaw and boiled eggs, and Steve baked brownies. Sunday I made my mother's famous baked beans, deviled eggs, and a simple pasta salad (well, Steve did most of it). Steve made hot German potato salad. Djamel and Bruno came by early and hung out with us as we prepped.

The cookout was at 2:00. Eduardo, Joe, Gary and Steve, and Vic and Dave all came, and I got the new Weber kettle going. It works great, though I did burn my arm a bit on it fiddling with the lower vent. I grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken-apple sausages. Nothing fancy, but a real classic Garceau family barbecue. We had brownies and a strawberry whipped-cream cake that Gary and Steve brought for dessert. We played a few games of Fluxx (also brought by G&S), and fell in love with the game. After everyone left we went right online and ordered two sets.

After cleaning up, Steve and I watched The Matrix on DVD. The Frenchies we planning to come over in the evening with their luggage, but stayed out later that they thought so just stayed another night with their current hosts.

Today we went to see Matrix Unloaded with David and Andrea. When we got home we noticed the Frenchies had moved in their luggage (we had given them keys the night before). They're out now, and Steve's sunning in the backyard. I may join him--why oh why couldn't the weather yesterday have been like today?

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