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Our fascinating weekend.

Watched Attack of the Clones last night in preparation for the Big Day this coming Thursday. Picture quality is even better since I switched from composite to S-Video. Alas, our ancient DVD player in the living room doesn't have component video out.

Walked down to the Castro this morning for exercise and, well, to get there. Ran into heypyro on the way, who was rushing off to meet poohbearjim to go driving down to Santa Cruz on Highway 9. Last year animbear drove me, rootbeer1 and redbeardedblond down the same highway in his Mini. It's really a knuckle-whitener.

Chatted briefly with markosf and glovercom, then sftekbear for a longer visit, at Starbears. Steve had an iced tea. I had a nonfat latte.

Took Muni to Powell St. station. Went to Crate & Barrel, said hi to rampagebear, who is not a lush. Looked at all the pretty colored items and didn't buy anything.

Stopped in Macy's briefly looking for some online friend of Steve's--didn't see him.

Went to the Lush store. On our trip to Palm Springs last month, when we first met joebehrsandiego in person, I was struck by how good he smelled. When I finally confessed my olfactory fascination, he told me it was Slammer shower gel, by Lush. So we bought a few bottles of the gels that are going to be discontinued. We just took showers--I smell like Slammer, and Steve smells like Tramp.

Got home, went to an open house down the street for an Eichler very much like ours--slightly different floor plan, but 2 stories, 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, nice marble-surrounded hot tub in the yard, japanese garden, plasma TV in the den. All for only $995,000. Won't you be our neighbor?

Went to Safeway, picked up Mr. Clean Magic Erasers thanks to the tip from beg1n. Also a rotisserie chicken and turkey breast. We're each down about 10 pounds on South Beach induction. Came home, and Steve scrubbed the sinks, bathtub and shower stall while I made a salad. Ate dinner.

Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe Costco...

That is all.
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