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I got tagged by sapphiresf!!!

1) Total number of books I've owned:

Currently we have around 2000 in the house. We used to have a lot more, but we do weed them out occasionally. Plus an enourmous CD and DVD collection, and all our old vinyl. Our house is a media center.

2) The last book I bought:

Architecture in the Real World, Walter McQuade

3) The last book I read:

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, R. A. Salvatore

I'm reading the novelizations prior to rewatching the films prior to seeing Revenge of the Sith. Call me geeky.

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me:

This Perfect Day, Ira Levin
In This House of Brede, Rumer Godden
Farmer Boy, Laura Ingalls Wilder
The World of Origami, Isao Honda
Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child, Louise Bertholle, Simone Beck

5) Tag 5 people and ask them to fill out this meme on their Live Journals:

rootbeer1, abearius, fuzzygruf, double_ohsteven, squalidbear


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May. 11th, 2005 07:08 pm (UTC)
May. 11th, 2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
I got tagged by sapphiresf...

Um, you might just wanna stop by Magnet to get that checked out.

Thanks for the tag. I'll reply here in order to not bore others.

1) Total number of books I own: What a stupid question. One reason I hate certain types of memes. I'm not counting books for anyone, even for those, like you, whom I adore.

2) The last book I puchased: The Ethical Slut (I got bored and stopped reading it)

3) The last book I read: A Ceder Chest of C3 Square Dance Definitions

4) Five books that mean a lot to me:

a. Tales of the City Series - The conversational writing style and interlocking of stories amazed me. Plus, it made me fall in love with San Francisco way before I even dreamed that I would one day live here.

b. Chronicles of Narnia - I've read these dozens of times growing up.

c. Avenue Q Songbook - The songs are just so fun to play!

d. The White Book compilation - Songs A-L for Gary-aoke!

e. The Non-White Book compilation - Songs M-Z for Gary-aoke!

5) Sorry, I don't tag people. I'll try to think of another verb that I could do to some people...
May. 11th, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)
Yes, honey, you're geeky. But you have a lovely media center. Not to mention other nice equipment.
May. 11th, 2005 08:06 pm (UTC)
I remember reading the Ingalls books many times as a kid... I always liked Farmer Boy because it made me want to be one... until I realized I'd have to get up at dawn on a farm.

No, not so much.
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