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Day of Production

Today was quite productive. I normally telecommute on first and third Thursdays, and I usually get a lot done working from home, and today was no exception. It's great being able to focus for several hours on one task, without interruption. I wrote a tool, used it to establish links to numerous tables in the datamart I maintain, kicked off some reloads, migrated several new tables, wrote code for a new external interface and tested it, tested a mainframe interface, worked with our system administrator to try to figure out why Outlook 2003 on my workstation isn't working right (alas, we'll have to reimage), answered numerous emails and a telephone inquiry, and other miscellaneous tasks. I was also able to drive rootbeer1 to his medical appointment (he had to pick up liquified dust mites to desensitize himself, to cure his strong allergy to them--ick!) before logging on.

During my lunch break, I called a TV repair place to see if I could bring in the set from our den, where we watch most of our TV. It's right off the kitchen and has the TiVo attached--we only use the big screen with surround sound in the living room to watch DVDs these days. Well, the remote on the den TV stopped working, and the TiVo remote won't work either, so it must be the sensor in the set itself. I also called a roofer to set up an estimate to fix the two small leaks we've developed this winter.

After work, I brought the TV to the shop, bought groceries, came home and prepared a South Beach delight for dinner (turkey meatloaf with homemade tomato sauce, pureed cauliflower with cheese, sugar snap peas). Yes, we're on the diet again. Wish us luck!

When Steve came home, he presented me with a reward for being so diligent today---Super Scrabble!!!

I can't wait to play it!! We'll have to have fuzzygruf and double_ohsteven over to whup our asses play a game or two.
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