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Damn these allergies!!

Both rootbeer1 and I have been suffering from cold-like symptoms, most likely allergy-related. We left square dance Plus class last night after the firsr hour (Steve only danced one tip) and sadly will pass up Garyoke tonight, just in case it is a virus. Nothing like singing to spread those germs around!!

Steve took today off work and saw his ENT doc, who said it was probably alleries, maybe a respiratory virus. He got some drugs (pills and a steroid nasal spray). I'm going to stick with my usual dolls--Sudafed, Benedryl, and Alka Seltzer Plus. The latter two I can only take at bedtime, since they knock me out.

When I straggled home from work, Steve was busy in the kitchen, using up our Costco blueberries before they went bad. He made a lovely carnitas dinner, and a nummy blueberry cobbler. Well, the crust didn't cobble too well, owing to the Bisquik being rather old, but it tasted good.

The calla lilies we had in the kitchen vase were dying, so I threw them out in the composting. I wonder if they were contributing to our recent allergy attacks? We'll see how we feel tomorrow.
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