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Food Facts

Bought a ham at Costco over the weekend to go in our new refrigerator.

Had dinner at poohbearjim's place, with his hubby profkampf, who was visiting for the week, and heypyro. Meatloaf and potatoes and salad and corn and cheesecake. And animated conversation.

Had grilled ham and cheese for lunch.

Went over to keanubear and Greg's place. Ordered barbecue chicken and sausage pizzas. Brownies. Fresca. Watched Superstar (the biography of Karen Carpenter acted out by Barbie dolls), I, Robot and Ministry of Fear (starring Ray Milland and featuring Alan Napier, who later played Alfred the Butler in the Batman TV series, and was also the maternal grandfather of Brian Forster, who played the second Chris in The Partridge Family. Greg likes to have IMDB up on the laptop when we watch movies). The last movie had microfilm in a cake.

Just stuck a big pan of scalloped potatoes and ham in the oven. That and a salad will be dinner.

Bon appetit!
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