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Well, we had a great time last Tuesday at Plus Intro square dance class, and finally picked up our official club name badges. The class will be a full two hours, which will give us an extra-good aerobic workout. We're definitely going to get back on the diet and exercise track. After April, when we get back from vacation and a certain sugar-laden party that we don't want to miss. But I'm starting to ease into it now. More gym!! More dance!!! Less high-glycemic carbs!!!!

Friday after work we met our friend Ralph from Sacramento for dinner. He's a lot of fun, and we wandered around the Castro afterward in the balmy evening air. Saturday we thought we'd go to the beach, but the fog had other plans, so we stayed in most of the day, venturing out to Tower Burger for lunch and then around SOMA for a while looking for furniture sales. We still need a new recliner for the living room--I'm leaning again toward the Lafer models we looked at last year. What do you think?

Saturday evening we had dinner with excessor and dr_scott at Paul's house in Fremont. It was a celebratory dinner, for Paul's selling the house and moving to be with Curtis. Great food (thanks for the chicken recipe, P) and greater company. I see many more in our future.

Rested today. rootbeer1 made a lovely brunch for us, then weeded the front yard. squalidbear stopped by in his groovy converible, disco music thumping, and dropped off some lovely Tim Tams he personally imported directly from Australia. It's great to have him back home, and to catch up a bit. We've going to kidnap him and make him stay the weekend with us as our love slave have him over for dinner soon.

This evening Steve's brother David and his wife Andrea came over. Steve made homemade pizza while we watched Ebert and Roeper, then a DVD David had produced of family photos and video clips. We played canasta (hand and foot) after dinner, and sad to say, Steve and Andrea whipped Jack and David's butts. Steve's victory dance was especially vibrant.

That's it!

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